Announcing the new ShareBoost

ShareBoost is maturing and version 2.0.1 is a major update. New domain(.co), new interface and a lot of changes.

New designs: Almost doubled the previous designs, with a completely new, cleaner style that is not restricted by the use of images.

Languages: You can completely change any part of your website, even the error messages to create websites in any language.

Metadata & Sharing: Full customization for metadata and sharing texts to control how your website is shown on social media, search engines and when being shared.

Primary color: #hex code selection of the brand color instead of being limited to palettes. (This will even change your backgrounds unDraw-style!)

Pricing model: Kept the clear pricing model without recurring charges. The plans are: Coming Soon($15 for 3 months), Newsletter($50 for 12 months) and of course, the Free plan which is forever with only a few features disabled and this time with custom domain and analytics.

Integrations: Automated with most major email services. ShareBoost now supports MailChimp, SendGrid, Revue, MailerLite and Curated.

For ShareBoost Pro users: If you are a Pro member you’ve probably got an email but in case you missed that, you can transfer to the new version and get your whole subscription renewed from the beginning. This means that if you had paid for 3 months, you’ll get three months again like you signed up and upgraded today. Please do complete the transfer before the deadline on March 21st 2018 to avoid any interruption of service.

For ShareBoost Free users: Your website will be working until March 21st 2018 as expected but will be rendered inactive after this date. You can create a new account to the new version, where you’ll find more features even on the Free plan.

New users: Just visit and use the much better version!

If you are in the process of building a product or starting work on a new project give the new ShareBoost a try. Won’t promise you’ll get thousands pre-launch registrations but you can find really cool people that like your idea and are willing to test your solution. Thank you for reading!!!