Start-up your idea & you’ll regret it

February, 2017 was really memorable for me except the valentine’s day. For the first time in my life, I really felt guilty about what I did in the past.


How It Started

We met at a Communication & Information Ministry collaborated with Kibar (a tech ecosystem builder) start-up event back than in September 2016. I formed a team consisted of 4 people from a completely different background, where are based in really lovable and magical town in Indonesia, many people recognized as an Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 shooting location, home of thousand temples, people love Paris but I love Yogyakarta more than anything.

We formed a team named ROSTER, and we proposed an idea to make an Internet-of-Things smart chicken feeder. And voila, we got the 1st place in Hackathon and Bootcamp. Everything seemed went to be okay and we felt like we were living our dream.

Thanks for everything Alamanda Shantika (ex- VP Gojek)
Everything seems gonna be okay until you got punched right on your face.

We were unable to bare a lot of pressure, and one of our friend decided to give up on this. And after that, everything changed, we didn’t believe on our dream anymore, we doubted each other, and the saddest part was we lost our focus, we didn’t believe that there would be an opportunity, we simply losing hope.

Second (Last) Try

Then, two people left who still got not-really-believe-but-still-wanted-to-try spirit. We submitted our brand new idea we called it GrowID, a smart sensors for agriculture, for Ideabox Accelerator. Actually since in college, one of my dream was became one of the participant of this startup accelerator event. A month later, Emil (Ideabox Accelerator Manager) contacted me.

Ideabox Accelerator 2017 Top 15 Finalists

Our startup name was on the list. Yeah GROWID, we did it, once more. Our dream came true. Ideabox would facilitate top 3 team with USD 50.000 cash, Working Space, Marketing Push, FB Ads Credit, Amazon Web Service, Azure, Microsoft Bizpark, Investors Access, and everything you could imagine, you named it.

We were working really hard as we could to get that funding and all the benefits. We saw our future on this, we felt like we were the best ever startup team in the world.

In a really short amount of time we invited one of our friend to join with us, he is a software developer.

We were attending this event with so many expectations and hope. Vividly, we need cash injection and mentorship so bad.

We realized that we were the youngest startup who attended that event. There were some big names like Sevva, Mobilkamu, KelasKita, Botika, and many more. We were the rookie, the black horse, and our dream was became the rookie of the year, the MVP, and obviously the winner of all. But….

Have you ever got punched on your face two fkin times in a row? — I did

Their Dream and Action are bigger than mine

What I realize was, many people also wanted that spot, became the best and working so hard for so long through many ups and downs and never give up on their dreams.
Bootcamp activities video

Most of them, slept late, got up earlier, got shit done, never complaint, 2 years trying and mostly failure but never gave up on the same idea. Sacrificed so much money, took big risks, collaborate, talked clearly with passion, knew exactly what they were doing.

My team, was 3 month old, we slept at 3 am, got up at 10, I am a lovely sweet smoker, drinks, never got shit done, didn’t have any idea what startup was, and no capital at all. We complaint much, kept changing our idea. Inconsistent. Lack of Focus. Too many excuses. Yeah that was me back then.

And that was our first experience, pitched our idea in front of real investors that took us seriously and gonna gave us their money. Many of them, were so brave and bold, unlike me that full of procrastination. They living their dreams, but we didn’t believe on our own dream.

They dream big, started small, fast execution, pitch more, learn more, listen more, struggle more, and they focused on their work.

What did I learn

As I said that I regret why I started this in the first place, why I sacrificed so many things I have just to do something that insecure and full of risks.


Beforehand, I want to congratulate to my all friends that got what they really want. You all deserved it. Keep doing a good work. It was really nice to meet all of you. Because I learned so much from all of you guys.

My Aussie friends who created and already popular in Tech In Asia
Andy Zain and all the mentors and also investors who believe in us
Andalin, AyoSlide, and my friend Erik Hormein from Sevva. You all guys deserved it. Keep up the good work.
All teams, especially my own team, GrowID. Thanks for giving me such an amazing experience I never did before.

So Why?

My team was gone either ROSTER or GrowID, people need to make a choice, some of my friends are giving up, some of them continue their study, some of them have a real job, getting married, and have a child.

Life is about the choice you made, and how you responsible to it.

I failed.

I have failed so many times.

And I regret why I am not doing this earlier.

Why I am not thinking to become an entrepreneur while I am still in college.

I regret why I am not taking it seriously in the beginning.

I regret why I am not taking any risks before.

I regret why I am not fail earlier.


I choose to keep going whatever it takes.

I am not gonna give up until it’s done.

Never think about unicorns yet, because unicorns are mythical creature. Be like cockroaches, because they just won’t die easily, they never give up. If you can’t be a cockroach don’t you even dare to dream about unicorn.
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