It was 1 AM in the morning, I opened my phone and went to my Facebook, my regular habit before bed. My finger led me to an account that I recognize as President Jokowi’s fan, Ni Luh
Djelantik. I read some of her posts and some comments on those posts, majority support her and a few disagree. Djelantik’s account led me to another account, Johru. We know Johru famous with his posts that some people believe spreading hatred and contra the government. I did the
same on Johru’s account. I saw his posts and the comments sections, majority have the same opinion, but not a little disagree. Headache suddenly hit me. My head was full of thoughts, thinking which opinion was the truth.

Now, I am having a trouble in my head, reading those comments from two different accounts that claim their opinion right, torture my mind. I put my phone down and starting to think. I begin to believe that there is no absolute truth in this life. In other word, we can certain in something, but that doesn’t guarantee the other could see the same value on it. We can’t conclude an opinion is the truth by the number of people who believe in it. Sometimes, the majority can create a tyranny majority.

In my personal opinion, truth is not an absolute thing. Truth appeared when you believe in something. When you believe in something, your mind telling you what you believe is right.
You can prove you are right but you can’t change people’s stereotype when they believe what you believe is wrong. Because when we force our truth to be accepted by everyone, it could cause a conflict. Respect other people’s believe, it costs nothing to respect other people’s thought. In the end, it’s all about our faith on what we believe, when we don’t, we could start to think what we believe is wrong.

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