What was Indonesia Map?

Map Indonesia

Indonesia Map Indonesia is a picture or a map of the Earth’s surface that is displayed on a flat surface with a scale or a certain ratio. The scale itself has a meaning comparison with the distance from the map of the earth. These maps are deliberately using a certain scale in order to describe the circumstances that exist at the surface of the earth using the right size.
As we know, the function of this folder Indonesia so much, but will be easier for us to find a location, the map is also needed for other fields, in general functions such as:

1. Showing the way for people who have visited the area,
2. Indicate the location of a place on the earth’s surface and its relationship to other places,
3. Shows the size, it is because the map can measure distances, areas and the actual direction in Indonesia,
4. Helping researchers to undertake surve regions which would be their meticulous,
5. To explain the plan which will be described.
There are various types of this map, such as a common map. This map is called the Topography maps. Generally, he will describe the general situation in a region, the general condition was described also includes the artificial nature. For natural objects such as lowland, height and sea. As for the artificial objects such as rail, road, city. Map of Indonesia, usually on display in schools, offices, a map displayed in this area includes the type of public forum. The map can be used for learning at school and in the interests of travel and office.
Components Indonesia map is also a wide range of existing titles. The title used to describe the contents of the picture of the map, usually it is above. There is also a scale. Scale is karak on the map with the actual distance in Indonesia. There is also a symbol. The symbol is the symbol or image that shows artificial or natural objects. This symbol should qualify that is easy to understand, simple and general. there is also a legend, the legend is a description that includes images or symbols with meaning. Legends usually in the lower left corner of the map. Want to see a map of Indonesia complete with tourism? You can visit Indonesia.travel.