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You hear all the time how important it is to work on an email list. But not a lot of people know how to nurture your subscribers. It’s more than sending them one or two emails every single week.

I work in digital marketing technology, so my job is to make sure clients get the best performance from their email marketing activity every month. We give them ideas regularly on how to improve their engagement rate, their email templates, or even things like how to maximize the sending time.

Even though this seems minor, you can’t ignore the fact that…

If you want a long-lasting marriage

As my partner and I have started having conversations about marriage this year, I realized I didn’t know him as much as I thought. The conversations were deep and tough. It was scary, but I’m glad we pushed it through.

Growing up in an environment where I had to witness my mother married more than twice and continuously had to adapt to the new “father” in the house made me feel uncomfortable.

Not necessarily because I didn’t like my new father, but it’s mentally draining to see my mother’s relationship fell apart every time.

When things got serious in my…

To be happier, learn how to say “no”

I was still in high school when an old lady came to my house asking if my mom wanted to be a second wife of the man she’s been married to for nearly three decades.

The main reason she asked was that she didn’t want her husband to run away with my mom. Many people in the village said my mom was a homewrecker, but I refused to believe it. Their marriage had already failed even before the husband met my mom. …

Don’t let your mind engage in the “what if” scenarios and ruin everything.

Do you find it hard not to take things personally in your relationship? After all, it’s a relationship, right? So it shouldn’t be too concerning if you have that habit.

That’s what I thought too in the first year of my relationship. But the more I did it, the more I suffered emotionally. Everything around it felt so heavy, and it’s hard to be logical at times.

Many people, especially those who are more emotional, tend to have this problem. …

I’m much better off alone

In the first month of writing on this platform, I was stoked that I’d send the friend link of my articles to all of my friends. Be it on Instagram or Whatsapp; they’d get it in their inbox eventually. But after some time, I realized something.

None of them gives a damn.

I was hurt. In my defense, I always went out of my way to promote their new business on my social media. If any of them just launched a Youtube channel, I made sure my mom watched their first video too.

But when we talk about what’s happening…

Say goodbye to writer’s block

Have you felt stuck and ran out of ideas? The more you force your brain to think, the more you feel depleted. Nothing comes out.

That happened a lot to me in the first three months when I started my writing journey. No matter how long I’ve been sitting on my desk, I couldn’t think of anything. I was annoyed and ended up not writing anything at all for days.

Then I figured something out. To get into the flow of generating new ideas, you need new inspirations first to trigger it. …

The right person won’t make you hate yourself.

Do you find yourself to be the one who makes an effort, so the relationship can keep going? Do you feel like something isn’t right, but you can’t pinpoint it? It’s tricky questions, and I know most people would just shrug the feelings off.

This is because we are told that to make a relationship work, we need to compromise. But what if you end up doing it too much? Then there’s nothing good comes out of it.

I remember once I dated a guy who I thought was too perfect for me. So I did everything to keep the…

Check your bank balance.

People will question your love life when you are single. They see you as an incomplete human being, especially when you are approaching the late 20s. It is what it is.

When I was single, no one asked me how happy I was with my life and that I don’t need to have a man in my life to make me feel “whole.”

People around me caring too much about the fact that I was still alone, and if you live in a small village, not having a fiance or at least a boyfriend in your mid-twenties is a big…

How Ubud had its own way to heal my broken heart

I never understood the real meaning of self-love until my long-term relationship failed miserably two years ago. I always needed to look for a man’s validation to make me feel complete. And that’s where it all went wrong.

I hated myself and thought it was all my fault. I felt like a failure, that I couldn’t hold the relationship together. I couldn’t stop thinking, “maybe if I tried a bit harder, he’d stay with me.” It took me a long time to realize that I needed the breakup in order to learn how to love myself in the first place.

I write better stuff when I use them

I love cute and aesthetic tools that I can use to write my first drafts or just merely random ideas in my head.

The thing is, writing is hard work, and most days, I just don’t feel like sitting down in my chair for 2 hours to write. My day job has drained me mentally and physically.

So in order to stay consistent, I need something to inspire me and actually make me want to put in my best work. One of them is choosing the right tool for my writing. …

Anggun Bawi

Digital Marketer by day. Bullet Journalist. Writer. One story at a time | Let’s talk:

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