A Purse

You carry a little purse for kid’s age on your daily grocery trips. You carefully wrap it in a handkerchief before putting it in your pocket. Time passes and leaves its trail on that purse you cherish. Time assumes its power can depreciate people’s love towards ordinary items, sooner or later.

But you surprise Time.

I told you once: “You know I can afford you a better purse than this?”

“No, you can’t. This is the best purse I have.”

“But… This is not designed for your gender. How would other people judge you when they see you using that purse!”

“That’s why it has a handkerchief on it.”

“But why, why are you doing this? I want to get you a wallet!”

“Because this purse will remind me of you when you were a little. I carry memories, not money :)”


You meticulously cleaned the new shopping cart I bought you this early morning. Watching you enjoying your work from a distance took me back to our conversation somewhere around this time last year. You still carry that purse up to this date.

Thank you for your love, daddy :)

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