Our Spirit Guide Dan Fredinburg

Before you start to read, please go turn on the song LOVE THIS by COSMIC JARVIS. Love This

What is death? The tarot cards define it as transformation to a higher level. It associates working with those that have a desire to expand their level of awareness, and those who seek active participation within organizations to increase public awareness of the ‘Universal Mind.’ Death signifies life force

That death defines my friend Dan.

Death became a part of the journey of his magical soul this week and the more I dig into his death the more I see so much life growing from it.

Dan Fredinburg was a magical ELF spirit guide.

At least that’s what he was in my first dream when I returned to the states after a surreal New Year’s Eve adventure to Panama (spearheaded by Dan and our friend Nicole Patrice) in 2012. I’ll never forget waking up from the dream and immediately calling Dan who at that point I’d known for all of two weeks.

“Dan — you are my spirit guide! This dream felt so real! You were dressed as an Elf and told me not to worry that you were there to help. You made me laugh and I felt protected. AND I thought about it: DaniEL Fredinburg. ELF is in your name — smack in the middle.”

Dan howled laughing. At that point he was still squirmish about me and my tarot cards, but I could hear in his voice that he was genuinely amused by my spirit guide revelation.

If you know Dan, you know that ‘character’ is his middle name — elf, viking, adventurer or sea lion — he was never just Dan. Any excuse to put on a costume or dress up, he did it to the max, times 100. In fact that was how he lived life — times 100. Ask anyone — Dan was a larger than life human being. He was expansive; he’d walk into a room and explode onto everything. Yes, he spewed life at you. He was dinosaur and glitter king in Panama. Elf was just another to add to the repertoire. He may have played just about every character, but my dream may have been the first to assign him the unusual title of spirit guide.

What is a spirit guide? I didn’t even know exactly what it meant at the time. But now each day he’s gone, I think I understand more of what it meant. That dream foretold what he would be and has been for all of us.

In the 3 years I knew Dan, you could see the spirit guide in every minute spent with him. He was our mascot for life — breathing life force into every city, every room and every person he came in contact with. When Dan looked at you, you felt him looking into your soul. At times it was as if he understood what you were feeling before you did. That is, when he wasn’t bouncing off walls or zipping around a room chatting up strangers, friends and possibly inanimate objects. Yes that was the spirit of Dan. And of course he was a guide — who wouldn’t want to follow that kind of spirit? He was an adventurer and it only took meeting him once to become part of his tribe. You don’t question it, you just follow someone like Dan.

When I first met Dan he was uncomfortable with me reading tarot cards. He avoided the cards on Needle Island and in hindsight that was probably the only time I saw Dan closed off. Perhaps it was indifference or maybe fear. All I know is after one reading, there was a glimmer in his eye. He told me he wouldn’t give me the question but I could tell him the answer with the cards. And that answer gave him enough to believe. Maybe it was just the fact that it was another way to connect to another human. Maybe it helped him connect to another part of himself. Regardless, slowly but with such open heart, he became a believer. Perhaps, as so many have said, because he is a mirror for each of us. And in that moment he became my mirror.

In hearing everyone’s stories about Dan you can see how this community, the people in his life and his relationships, opened him to so much. It’s almost as if he found himself healed and then used that to begin this process of helping others. I feel so lucky to be one of many who saw that transition. Dan was so open that last year when he was at Everest, I felt it when he was hurt. We hadn’t been in contact for weeks. I remember waking up and feeling so worried about him that I needed to reach out. That is how big Dan’s energy is.

On Apr 9, 2014 6:07 AM, “Angie Banicki” wrote:

You’ve been on my mind all day today! I just felt like I should check in☺

I know you’re probably not even checking these emails but I pulled cards for you. They say you’re coming into a tougher time. Don’t lose hope!! You’re letting go of old emotional problems in order to experience transformation.

Sending you a pic of the cards bc I think the purification is one symbolizing the clarity from the monks maybe? It’s funny the purification card came up because I started a cleanse today☺

Anyway, I can’t wait for stories and please be careful☺

From: Dan Fredinburg

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 4:47 AM

To: Angie Banicki

Subject: Re: Dan!

I get your emails and love them! and all of Basecamp loves your playlist! expect Spotify followers after the season is over.

the cards were from the morning of the 9th my time. I climbed Mt Lobuche the next morning at 3am. an infection moved into my lungs and i coughed up blood the entire way. it was brutal but I made it. I’m on antibiotics and back at Basecamp now healing. snowing so satellite connection isn’t good enough to send out photos. love you!

Dan’s spirit was so big it could be felt halfway across the world. And now it’s even bigger. I have friends who have never met him but are saying they feel this sadness and yet overwhelming sense of inspiration from him after his death. It’s hard to articulate the unknown but there is an undoubted feeling that cannot be denied. How can so many people and strangers be trying to articulate it?

“Angie I didn’t know your friend Dan but I feel how big his energy was.”

“I feel like your friend Dan was destined for this and this is part of his legacy. His death is inspiration to live life to the fullest.”

The day Dan passed away, I kept feeling like he was flying. He was everywhere. He was being Dan times 100 times 100 times 100. Dan is giving boosts of energy to all of us that he loved but now he gets to do it from everywhere. He is sprinkling is healing magic on all of us. Death cannot be the end because I still feel him.

As I hiked Runyon and listened to the thoughts coming in and the music on my shuffle.(Spirit in the Sky — Norman Greenbaum, Feel Me Flow — Naughty By Nature, Love is the Answer — Aloe Blacc) I kept feeling healing energy. I felt like I wasn’t alone. I felt lighter in my step — lighter than I’d ever felt in my life. I felt protected — my fears being cleansed from me. I felt like I could do anything. I felt Dan’s spirit guiding me but also felt how he was guiding us all.

Last June Dan sent me this email:

I just bought westernhealing.com and westernhealer.com I’m not sure why they were available. But when you’re ready to go on tour together to heal the world with cards and crystals, I’m there.

I think Dan has started his tour of healing the world.

So now when I think about death, I will think about life force. I will think about Dan and how lucky I am to have him in my life.

I will think about Dan and how much we don’t know how much he loves this.

Spotify shuffle(These songs came on while writing about Dan):





I created these lists for Dan and his hiking crew before they went to Everest. My intention was to help them listen to their thoughts and feelings while on the trek. Dan was always searching and wanting to understand and make himself better.

Songs for climbing Everest

Hiking Everest 2