An Open Letter to the DNC

And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds …are immune to your consultations.They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.” — Changes, David Bowie

Dear DNC:

Let me begin by telling you that I am 44, married, a mother of 3, educated, and employed. I have always been a Democrat because, well, I’m not a billionaire, I’m a woman, I’m not easily spooked by imaginary threats, and I am strongly opposed to discrimination.

When this campaign began, I was on the Hillary bus all the way to the White House. I was excited about the prospect of witnessing the first WOMAN President be inaugurated. I defended her to countless friends and family who HATE her guts. I believed she was victimized by the Republicans and the Tea Party. I chose to ignore the pungent aroma of scandal that seemed to always surround her.

I didn’t know who O’Malley was. I didn’t know that old guy, Bernie Sanders. I knew Hillary. Well, I knew Bill and I suspected she was the brains of the outfit.

And then I heard a Bernie Sanders speech.

Suddenly, I wondered why my candidate wasn’t talking those things. Why had she not talked about the mere possibility of ending this control of everything by the 1%? Why wasn’t she outraged that the middle class is sinking? Why wasn’t she opposed to corporate welfare and ridiculous tax breaks being handed out to the mega-rich? Why didn’t she seem to care about the poor? Why did she say “I” and “ME” instead of “WE” and “US?”

When I stopped and listened — really listened — to Hillary, I felt like I was listening to a Republican who just happened to be pro-choice. I suddenly felt like she was someone who did not care about the same things that I cared about. She’s living in the lap of luxury and is thinking that everything is just hunky dory while I am living week to week and feeling depleted and defeated. She became someone I wouldn’t want to hang out with.

After I fell out of love, I began to really examine her as a candidate. She was kind of a hypocrite. She denounced Big Business and Wall Street, but she was perfectly fine taking their considerable donations and accepting ridiculous sums of money to privately speak at their events. This is working for the enemy. I began to wonder, “Would she be willing to create and push policies and laws that would adversely affect her campaign contributors?” Contrary to what many Bernie Sanders critics might think, I don’t believe that you get anything for free . I believe that if someone you don’t know very well gives you a large amount of money there are almost always strings attached. Their is an understood obligation to “repay” the kindness in some form or another. By taking “dirty” money, she had saddled herself with the enemy and showed her allegiance. She became the enemy of the very people she claimed to be fighting for.

The democratic party is in a unique and advantageous position right now and you have the opportunity to make history. The GOP is pinned against the wall with two very despicable candidates and one very blah one vying for the Republican nomination. Trump is a racist who uses hate and fear to draw support. Cruz is a religious zealot that NO ONE likes. Then there’s the other guy who has won one state and no one ever mentions because he’s not a featured caricature on CNN every night. I don’t remember ever seeing the GOP being so poorly represented in political history. How did they let themselves get into this situation — these people are the best the Grand Old Party has to offer? I’m not surprised when I think about it. From what I’ve seen of the Republican senate and congress over the past decade, they don’t really like to negotiate to solve problems, create, propose, or support any solutions, or do anything that does not serve the best interests of the 1% result in some type of personal reward. Their arrogance and laziness has gotten them into this mess. I believe that they will lose the 2016 election — no matter who the democratic nominee is.

Unlike the GOP, Democrats have, what appears to be, two very strong candidates. But these two people are remarkably different in almost every way. Bernie Sanders is everything she is not. While her closet is filled with designer pantsuits, skeletons, and pending FBI investigations, Sanders enjoys a practically spotless reputation. Even his critics commend him on his integrity and passion. Sanders doesn’t flip-flop — he has and always will fight for the people. Hillary’s history doesn’t read as straightforward as Bernie’s. In most situations, she has acted in ways that would benefit Hillary, either immediately or long term. She seldom has done what was best for America. She has been careless. She has been deceptive. And what makes me the angriest is that SHE NEVER TAKES OWNERSHIP OR APOLOGIZES! In my opinion, that is one of the qualities of a great leader that she completely lacks.

As I’ve said before, I think the Democratic nominee can beat any of the choices on the opposition’s platform. I will not try to bully you into thinking that Sanders is the only one who can win. I do believe that Sanders would win in a landslide among any of the GOP’s guys and Hillary would run a tight race. But for the 2016 election, it’s in the DNC bag.

My question to you is this…why are you not concerned about the future of the DNC party? Why are you not doing everything you can to ensure that Democrats dominate the White House, Senate, and Congress for the next 15–20 years? The best way to do that is to recruit an enthusiastic army of young voters who want to make a positive difference.

I am talking about the Millennials. They are the “everyone gets a trophy generation.” They believe in sharing. They are outraged by injustice. They are compassionate activists. They care about the planet. They are furious that older adults think of them as lazy, entitled, or uninformed. They are young and they are impatient. But why should they be patient? They will inherit a mess they did not make and they will no doubt have to clean it up. They’d like to start cleaning it up as soon as possible so they can begin the real work of building a better country.

It is a well-known fact that the Millennials are very liberal in their beliefs and values. The GOP has overlooked this powerful voting group, the same way it did with Generation X. Each generation, it seems Republicans lose more and more of the voting population because their message appeals to a more and more limited audience: religious nuts, wealthy Baby Boomers, and people who are allowing fear and anger guide their emotions. It is a well known fact that Republicans win elections when the voter turn out is low. Voter turn out depends on the candidate’s ability to excite voters into taking action and actually going to the voting poll. The Millennials are excited right now. For many, this is the first election they have ever participated in. This will be the first president they will ever help get elected. Unlike their parents and grandparents, they have not been jaded. They still believe they can make a difference. Perhaps it is up to us to help them achieve this goal.

I have watched this group be dismissed, insulted, and underestimated. I expect that from Republicans. But I take it personally that my party, the Democrats, downplay this generation’s enthusiastic contributions to the Sanders campaign by insinuating that they don’t matter because they’re “just a bunch of kids.” I’m sorry, does a person’s vote begin to count more once they reach a certain age? This group of people has given a giant boost to the Sanders momentum — they have contributed financially, volunteered endless hours, and taken over social media outlets to spread the word about Bernie.

But none of you seem to think this matters too much. For some reason, most of you have your heart set on seeing Hillary in the White House. I don’t know if it’s bribery, blackmail, or brainwashing, but it seems like some of the Super Delegates are willing to go against the popular vote and stick with Hillary. Are y’all worried about her being upset if you change your mind? Because Hillary of all people should be understanding about going back on her word.

SHE is not the best candidate if you want to build a strong future for the DNC. I promise, if this group feels that Bernie Sanders has been screwed over by the Democratic party, whether any injustice is real or perceived, this group will take their toys and go home. They will not vote for her. They want Bernie Sanders. And if he does not get the nomination, they have no problem with refusing to vote. To many in this group, Hillary is a just another corporate sponsored puppet who has proven herself to be untrustworthy and unlikable. Rather than vote for her, they will completely break ties with the DNC and either form a new party or choose to classify themselves as “Independent.”

So I ask…how much are you willing to risk to get Hillary Clinton elected? Are you willing to bet the party’s future on the hope that she will somehow take the oath and then morph into a different person who can lure this group of voters back to the party? If you believe this, then you’re more delusional than a Trump fan cheering about the wall we’re going to build with Mexican money.

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