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Be Yourself and Be Comfortable With It

God created each one of us with a unique identity, unique mind, unique purpose and a unique destiny. You are not like anyone else in this world and no one else in this world as hard as they try will ever be like you. That is your unique advantage in life. Realise this and utilise it to the glory of God. Instead of hiding it and trying hard to be like everyone else, utilise it. It is God’s unique gift to you.

God intended for you to utilise your uniqueness, not to hide it. That’s what the Bible means when it describes you as being fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14-”I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”-NIV

Never apologize for being the authentic you. Beware of people whose sole agenda is to turn you into someone they are comfortable with; someone they can control and someone they can manipulate. Beware of people whose only objective is to conform you into what they want you to become so that you can serve their purposes and not God’s unique destiny for your life. Be especially wary of people who want to conform you to who you used to be before you met Christ.

Listen to constructive criticism and impartial advice but never allow anyone’s mind to control your mind. Beware of those who offer you unsolicited advice in the name of offering you “constructive” criticism when they themselves are yet to construct anything of value with their own lives. Always check their fruits.

Matthew 7:16-”You can identify them by their fruit,…”-NLT

Never allow anyone to decide what you want, and what is good for you. God wouldn’t have given you a free-will and a mind if He didn’t expect you to use it. When it comes to your life choices, you need to seek God and allow the Holy Spirit & the Word of God to guide your choices. It is only God’s opinion that really matters. One with God is a majority.

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*Devotional courtesy of Isaac Kubvoruno with added edits by me

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