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Getting Ready for September

A pleasant good morning to YOU

As we get ready to say good bye to August and to usher in the new month of September, I was asking God what He wanted me to share with YOU, His precious saints to prepare us for what to expect in September and the devotional that you are about to read this morning was what God laid on heart to share especially to help us prepare for September.

I trust it will richly bless you and prepare us for the month ahead.


Devotional Title:Getting Ready for September

One of the properties and characteristics of the ninth month is the fact that it is the gestation period for human pregnancy. Human pregnancy from conception to full term is nine months. The forces of wickedness may tap into this truth to control, steal, kill and destroy many human destinies. You and I therefore have a spiritual obligation to make September produce a bundle of joyful testimonies for our “own destinies” and the lives of all who are around us.

The month of September ahead of us in another sense is what I called, the “LABOUR-ROOM MONTH”, because, after full term gestation period, some things either positive or negative, must be given birth to. The most common language of the labour room is “PUSH!” I welcome you to the LABOUR ROOM of September. Lift up your right hand and with a voice of a conqueror; pull the spiritual trigger by saying this prayer: BLOOD OF JESUS! FIGHT FOR ME IN THE LABOUR ROOM OF SEPTEMBER! IN JESUS’ NAME!

Sometimes many things happen in our lives that make us feel like giving up. But, hear the whisper of God in your ears in the days ahead, “…You’re in your 9th month. You must thus know its time to PUSH. Praying Until Something Happens. Praise Until Something Happens.”

Both men and women know that the 9th month of pregnancy is the time when someone who is expecting is most uncomfortable. If you are enduring a 9th month experience, I pray you have the strength to continue enduring. May the Lord, birth purpose in your struggles. As you go through the 9th month, every day of it, pray to God like this — “I thank you Lord for keeping me during the past 8 months already. This 9th month is another experience of your glory; help me endure” (Phi 3:13–14). Now, sow a positive seed into the womb of September by prophetically declaring: Thou womb of September, produce a bundle of joyful testimonies for my life! Amen.

*Devotional courtesy of Father Raymond Osei-Tutu

Morning Worship

Warrior by Stephen Chapman Curtis is a worship song that is a call to prayer. I trust it will greatly bless you!!!