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Protect Your Life Source

If your security, your strength, your self-worth, or your strategy for living comes from any other source but God, you can easily be defeated.

Everything you need comes from God, so protect and nurture your relationship with Him, for it will always be the focal point of attack. A day without reading God’s Word isn’t merely a slip; it’s a set-up for failure. Prayerlessness isn’t carelessness; it’s foolishness in the extreme. You say, ‘Well, I’m doing okay and I don’t pray or read the Bible very much.’ Maybe you haven’t reached your hour of testing yet.

Proverbs 24:120-’’ If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small’’

When the hour of testing comes, without an established source to draw from you’ll struggle more and succeed less. Is that really how you want to live? If not, the word for you today is:

‘Come and drink the Water of Life.’-Revelation 22:17 TLB

The Babylonians encircled Jerusalem and cut off its food supply. The question was, how long could they hold out? That’s what the Babylonians kept wondering. But a month passed, then two, then an entire year, and still they held out. The secret of Jerusalem’s survival lay in a water supply from a spring outside the city walls where Hezekiah had cut a 1,777-foot tunnel through solid rock. From there water passed under the city walls to a reservoir inside called the Pool of Siloam. Without it God’s people would have gone down in defeat. But it’s not just another Bible story; there’s an important lesson here for you.

To live victoriously you must:

1) know your life’s true source;

2) protect it;

3) draw from it daily.

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Morning Worship

This song is so amazing!!! Its titled: ‘What a Beautiful Name’ by Hillsong