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An Incomplete List of Communities on Slack

Angela Cois
Jun 17, 2015 · 6 min read

There is a lot of buzz around Slack and how is changing the networking in startup communities, enabling a better and more elegant interaction between people from different countries and professional backgrounds. Since the number of groups is steadily growing day by day, I put some order, creating a list of the most popular and trendy communities on Slack, with details about their size (the real number of members is updated at June 15th), or applicable entry fees. I’m sure several are still missing, so please if you know anyone I forgot to mention, just drop me a line or write a comment and I’ll update the list.

Slack communities:

Wordpress [ 4798 members]
2. Designer Hangout[ 3950 members]
3. Socket [ 3688 members]
4. Lara Chat [3628 members]
5. #Nomads [3215 members], $50 USD of entry fee.
6. Reactiflux [3008 members]
7. #Startup [2664 members], $20 USD of entry fee.
8. #FrontEndDeveloper [2315 members]
. Gophers [2300 members]
10. EmberJS [1727 members]
. Tech404 [1588 members, suggested by @jc]
12. Angular Buddies [1503 members]
13. ProductHunt Global [1501 members]
14. Techlondon [1445 members], £9.99 of entry fee.
. Team Sketch [1469 members]
16. iOS Developers [1312 members]
17. [1273 members]
18. Startupstudygroup [2500 members]
19. Ghost [1113 members]
20. Online Geniuses [1061 members]
Maker Hunt [910 members]
. #FEDs [907 members]
23. [800 members]
. Craft [747 members, suggested by @natetronn]
25. Bootstrapped Chat [699 members]
26. SlashRocket [581 members]
27. Open Data Community [572 members]
28. #700 [541 members]
29. #music [510 members]
30. Product Managers HQ [508 members]
31. #freelance [475 members], $10 USD of entry fee
32. Ruby Developers [474 members]
33. Talk Square [466 members]
34. #FemaleFounders [500 members], $30 USD of entry fee
. Telescope [412 members]
36. Android Chat [399 members]
. DevOps Chat [399 members]
38. Women in Tech [360 members, suggested by @little_oracle]
39. FoundedX [331 members]
40. Domino [312 members]
. #CreativeTribes [289 members]
42. Psychedelic Chat [274 members, suggested by @sethlesky]
43. Five Min WatchKit [272 members]
44. #Gaming [271 members]
. SaaS Alliances [250 members]
46. MODX [324 members]
. Angular Chat [206 members]
48. Hackerx [200 members]
. Moltin [146 members, suggested by @natetronn]
50. #testing [126 members]
#startup604 [126 members, suggested by @thedallah]
52. MOD Talk [104 members, suggested by @DavidMarkovich]
53. Young startups [104 members, suggested by @nilefrater]
54. #people [98 members]
. Noders [92 members]
56. Music Festivals [71 members]
#smallbiz [65 members, suggested by @rauschermate]
58. CRO Tricks [57 members]
59. Chang Mai Nomad Community [53 members]
60. Sass Chat [50 members]
61. Guitar Talk [48 members]
. The Bored Meeting [45 members, suggested by @thomasknoll]
63. JS Belgrade [44 members, suggested by @slobodan_]
64. Movie Geeks [36 members]
65. Game Development [? members]
66. #WorkfromAnywhere [? members], $5/month or $50/year of entry fee
67. WeLearnJS Group [? members]
68. #testers [? members]
69. #episodes [? members]
70. EcommTalk [? members]
71. Creativerussia [1406 members, suggested by @nikolaybezhko]
72. VC Club [? members]
73. #Launch [? members]
#SAP [? members]
. Psychedelic Chat [726 members, suggested by @sethlesky]
#Developers [? members]
Learn Slack [? members, suggested by @brandonuttley]
Elixir [? members, suggested by @stevedomin]
Real Estate Growth Hackers [? members, suggested by @ZHammer]
Steamrolers [? members, suggested by @petejacobson]
Equity Directory [? members]
Talk Squarespace [685 members]
Culture Amps [? members, suggested by @damonklotz]
Online Careerist [100 members, suggested by @AngelaAlcorn]
Internet of Things [17 members, suggested by @QDelaoutre]
Beauty Bloggers [?, suggested by @BioRepublic_Co]
Health Coaches [190 members, suggested by @malinandersson]
Smart Website Marketing [? members, suggested by @dpcleveland]
Paperless Pioneers [156 members, suggested by @iButlerme]
SideProject [? members, suggested by @samnissinen]
IoT Geeks [240 members, suggested by @murugadossb]
Growth Hackers [? members, suggested by @IvanKreimer]
Ruby on Rails Link [486 members, suggested by @Nauman]
People Geeks [? members, suggested by @damonklotz]
GIS Developers and Analysts [500 members, suggested by @geo_will]
Focus Asia [320 members]
#EventJive [? members, suggested by @CKPleiser]
98. Wandering Stars [? members, suggested by @timlutero]
Tashkent Developers [30 members, suggested by @ruslan.salihov]
The Spatial Community [625 members, suggested by @julienjacques]
Private and Pro Aviators [? members, suggested by @trevor3999]
#Responsiblr [? members, suggested by @hsinjuchuang]
STRC — Solve the refugees crisis [? members, suggested by @iamjohnellison]
Slack lernen [German speaking online community, ? members]
105. Kreative France [French speaking online community, ? members, by hre]
106. Designers Unite [? members, by @jimcowan]
107. Barcelona Startups [100 members by @lexrodba]
108. SaaS Founders Club [89 members, by @alextheuma]
109. Lemonaid [? members, by @nicolekelner]
110. Hexwick [? members, by @dperconti]
111. WriterHangout [16 members, by @shivzb]
112. Buffer Community [? members, by @KatLoughrey]
113. UX. Guide [? members, by David Sharek]
114. Women in Sales [? members, by @alipowell21 ]
115. Ireland Startups [? members, by @jenningsnigel ]
116. Marketers Chat [? members, by @iRazaSyed ]
117. [? members, by @jdsimcoe ]
118. HashtagBacklinks [? members, by @calebkingston ]
119. Submit yours.


Here I gather the most lively Slack groups targeting developers with different backgrounds and interests: Lara Chat, Reactiflux, #frontendDevelopers, Angular Buddies, iOS Developers, FEDs,, SlashRocket, Ruby on Rails, #SAP, Android Chat, Five Minute WatchKit, MODX, #testing, Hackerx, Game Development, MOD Talk, WeLearnJS, #testers, #Developers, SaSS Chat, Moltin, DevOps Chat, Gophers and Angular Chat.


Here a couple of networking opportunities for designers and UX experts: Designer Hangout and Team Sketch.


Slack Communities of startup founders and technology enthusiasts: #startup, Product Hunt Global, StartupStudyGroup, Bootstrapped Chat, FoundedX, #Launch, Focus Asia and MakerHunt.

I decide to mention separately two other Slack groups, also targeting the universe of startup founders, but focusing on a specific niche: #FemaleFounders, Steamrolers, Young startups, and VC Club.

The EXODUS Communities

A quite interesting case here are the “Exodus Communities” (yes, it’s a neologism, sorry about that!), groups with a longer story and proven track, which for some reason have been migrating to Slack. Some examples: Wordpress, Ghost, Socket, Emberjs and I’m wondering which one would be the next…


Communities to learn and chat about marketing: OnlineGeniuses, CRO Tricks, EcommTalk and SaaS Alliance.

Digital Nomads

Communities of digital nomads are also getting a lot of attention these days. You can engage with digital nomads around the world joining these Slack groups: WorkFromAnywhere and HashtagNomads.


The best Slack chats for freelancers: Domino, #freelance and #people.


This label is for communities with a clear “local” vocation, so I rather prefer to treat them separately: #700, Creative Russia, Chang Mai Nomad and TechLondon, JS Belgrade, #startup604 and Noders.


This label is for a number of groups gathering people with common passions and hobbies. The following ones are quite visible and active: #music, #gaming, Music Festivals, Guitar Talk, Movie Geeks and #episodes.


Not easy to catalogue within any of these categories: Product Managers HQ, Open Data Community, The Bored Meeting and Psychedelic Chat (this is really peculiar, you will talk about #MagicMushrooms, #Cannabis and #Peyote).

One last interesting fact: the total sum of people using slack for networking according to these data is around 60k people.

Sources: SlackList, ChitChats, GitHub, Hacker News, Reddit, Product Hunt and Twitter.

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About me:
I am Cofounder at @Roomino & @FFoundersSlack. In love with Al Pacino, the Balkans and my dad’s wine. I believe in the power of communities to help entrepreneurs grow and learn from each other. I’m ready to help and to learn from everyone.

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