Self portrait collage of a wild, gypsy creative thought leader

Angie Davis
Apr 10 · 3 min read

I am no expert in Photoshop or graphics, so what I have done to represent this self portrait is to piece together a collection of LEGO mini-figures that best represent aspects of my creative practice. On the top left you have the female filmmaker (whom ironically is the least representative in terms of fashion sense!), which is my primary creative outlet. Although, I am not technically high-skilled in the camera — I write and direct.

Next you have the gypsy, which represents my lifestyle that highly influences my creative practice. For the past four years I have been traveling full time as a digital nomad, and I have a 15year career as a travel writer and editor. The gypsy also represents my personal well being practices, such as yoga and meditation, which also heavily influences my creativity and the subject matter I focus on. My goal as a creative is to share stories that cultivate compassion, the catalyst for change. Thus, I find it incredibly important to show up to my daily spiritual practice in order to inquire, create and produce from an authentic place.

The native Indian girl with the child symbolizes my role as a mother and a wild Earth woman, as well as my passion for diversity in creative collaboration and indigenous wisdom. A friend and Thought Alchemist recently told me about an article (unable to source it at present) that discusses how science has proven that a woman’s brain completely changes after she becomes a mother. I certainly feel that being a mother, and for a long time a single mother, has greatly impacted not only the creative works I dive into but my process. Especially as my kids are currently home schooled as we travel the world, my daily creative process is a juggling act between deep work and being a mum.

The backpacking nature guy! Let’s pretend HE is a SHE. I love nature. Just over a year ago, I lived in a tipi for six months, while working remotely. Following that stint, I took my kids backpacking across Asia, from India to Japan, trying to use no planes and no plastics. We also trekked the Himalayas for nine-days in Nepal. Nature is my teacher, and whenever I get in a creative block I go out into the wild for clarity and inspiration.

The surfer follows on from this, but goes even further back, as surfing is what drew me to travel from a young age. My creative career also began thanks to surfing, as I was a surf writer in Japan and then drew in my passion for travel, environment and humanity by producing feature editorials for Japanese surfing magazines that explored the relationships between surfing and social impact in the likes of India, Indonesia, and beyond. My first two films, Double Barrel, and The Laps Tasmania, both have surfing backbones. It’s really my relationship with the ocean that has extended my passion for preserving the environment, and cultivating compassion among the humans that live collectively on Earth.

    Angie Davis

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    Angie is an authentic documentary and VR director and consultant, cultivating compassion, the catalyst for change.