Trumpcare: What The AHCA Means For You
Remy Anne

It is time for those a-holes in Congress to realize that they can’t have everything to themselves. I just read the e-mail, and I am livid about the American Health Care Act. By the title alone, a reasonable person would expect that this bill includes everyone, wealthy or not. After having read the text of the e-mail, I came to realize that these Freedom Caucusers want nothing but the best health care for themselves. Obviously, they are ignorant of the millions of Americans out there who have pre-existing conditions just like them, need expensive prescription drugs just like them, and have families and/or children who need these things as well. Come on, you lazy, selfish, wealthy jerks. Quit being ignorant, and realize that there are millions of Americans out there just like you who sometimes need complex, specialized treatment just to survive a nasty bout with cancer. Pre-existing conditions are everywhere. Being a woman, or a mother, shouldn’t be one of them. Neither should a chronic disease/disorder that you had no control over whether you developed it or not. Genetic predisposition doesn’t work that way. Neither does aging. People have family medical histories, and if those histories predispose you to heart disease, or anything else, the individuals who develop them have no choice but to seek treatment for it. That does not mean in any way that the person who has that disease/disorder should be punished financially for trying to get the best medical care that they can for themselves. Quit playing this game of “I’m better than you, because I have great health insurance, and you don’t”.

Get used to the fact that there are people in this country whose health is not nearly what yours is. If you have great cholesterol, great blood pressure, eat a balanced diet, have a wonderful health plan that works for you, great. Just because you are all of those things does not mean you are better than everyone else. There are plenty of people in this country with chronic illness problems, are women, and need complex medical care that works.

It is time for all of you in the legislature to realize that yes, you have great healthcare, but the rest of us deserve to have it, too. Yes, the ACA is expensive, but it has been a great addition to America’s less fortunate. It means that they can now purchase reasonable health care at a reasonable cost. Put your ego aside, everyone, and realize that nobody is as rich as you are. Most of us have to work five days a week to make a decent living.

Legislators can keep their healthcare. The American people should be able to also. Get over yourselves. America is not a country led by a dictator, who says what goes and what stays. Despite Donald Trump being our President, the health care issue is not going away. Fairness is what this debate is about. It is not fair for lawmakers to have good health care while the hard-working people of this country suffer for no reason.

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