Top Social Media Managing Calendars, Tools and Templates

Angie Gensler
Nov 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Managing social media is important and if you improvise, you might end up spending too much time on posting. A plan is necessary because there are many social networks to post nowadays. It is very important to create a strategy and use tools that will be effective for your plan. Among the variety of tools, templates, and calendars, we recommend a social media content calendar to keep everything organized. We will present to you the top social media managing calendars, tools. and templates with a small summary of each so you can have a general idea to choose the ones that adapt to your plan.

Social Media Content Calendar

If you want your social media strategy to work, then it is necessary to post interesting facts, questions, photos, or videos and maintain interaction with the followers. This will give positive results for your search engine optimization, the recognition of your brand and generate more leads of your social networks.

We might forget to post sometimes because there are so many social networks. A social media content calendar will help us keep everything on track and updated so you don’t forget anything.

Benefits of a Social Media Content Calendar

  • Productivity is improved.
  • Calendars will remind you of special days such as holidays to create content that matches these days.
  • Keep track of the effectiveness of posts to plan for the future.
  • It helps you add variety to your social networks instead of posting the same information on all of them.
  • It helps you keep organized and save valuable time.


This is a tool that will help you distribute tasks to different members of your team to complete the assignments on your Social Media Content Calendar. It has boards, cards, and lists that are very flexible. Trello promotes teamwork.

Microsoft Excel

It is a traditional organizing and planning tool. It is possible to organize tasks, posts, and a variety of social media content. There are many templates online that you can check out or create a unique company excel sheet for your company.


This is another great tool because you can see an overview per year, month, day and even hour. This tool helps keep track of all the aspects of the marketing campaign by taking notes and you can even install it to your google chrome. This app will help keep your ideas in order and clear.

Google Drive

It is another traditional and effective team managing tool. Everyone can be aware of what’s happening with the marketing plan and social media posting with the Google Calendar. It has alarms that will notify what has to be done and when it has to be posted. Google Docs also allows interaction among team members. All of them can have access to a document and edit or comment on it without having to send emails.

For more useful information regarding social media management and social media content calendars, visit Organizing your social media should not be stressful.

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