My Bucket list

I was inspired to do my very own bucket list by a woman I found on the internet when I was bored. Annette is an author and owner of a restaurant in Northern California. She followed her dreams of traveling and getting to know the world with her bucket list. You can learn more about her in her website:


1. Go to a bar and meet someone

2. Go skydiving

3. Win the lottery even if it’s a small amount of money

4. Visit at least 5 countries

5. Sleep on the roof

6. Watch an amazing sightseeing that makes me cry of happiness

7. Go fishing

8. Have my dream bedroom

9. Earn my own money

10. Cook a full meal to my family

11. Touch the snow

12. Fired a gun just for fun

13. Get a tattoo

14. Meet someone from another country

15. Learn to speak the sign language

16. Be in a train

17. Go to a road trip with my friends

18. Ride in a hot air ballon

19. Buy something nice to each member of my family

20. Visit the North Pole

21. Go to Brighton

22. Visit Barcelona

23. Visit Madrid

24. Go to Canada

25. Make a S’more at a campfire

26. Have a big garden and grow my own vegetables/plants and flowers

27. Have a picnic

28. Travel with my sister

29. Adopt

30. Have an apartment of my own

31. Go to New York

32. Graduate from high school

33. Go on a cruise

34. See the front of an airplane (26/10/16)

35. Go camping

36. Swim in a infinity pool

37. Go to a music festival

38. Explore a cave

39. Whale watching

40. Walk on a black sand beach

41. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in one day

42. Attend a same sex wedding

43. Meet someone who has epilepsy like me

44. Work on a pottery wheel

45. Read a book before watching the movie

46. Go to the Cirque du Soleil

47. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle (8/26/2016)

48. Donate blood

49. Give food to a homeless person

50. Travel in helicopter

51. Go snowboarding

52. Touch an elephant

53. Meet someone famous

54. Go to a Carla Morrison concert

55. Go to a painting class

56. Walk on a forest with snow

57. Go to a thrift shop

58. Watch an entire eclipse

59. See the moon through a telescope

60. Hold a snake on my neck

61. Swim in a small lake

62. Save an animal

63. Buy a lot of flowers and put them on every tomb I can

64. Swim with sea turtles

65. Swim with sharks

66. Go to Hogwarts

67. See a penguin in real life

68. Start a fire (like in a survival mode, not to start a fire in a building xd)

69. Be inside of an ER (02/08/16)

70. Read all the Harry Potter books

71. Write a book

72. Hang off of a helicopter

73. Buy my own car

74. Ride a boat in Venice

75. Learn how to skateboard

76. Attend a first aid class

77. Buy comic books and read them of course

78. Have my first drink (11/11/16)

79.Go to a Jabbawockeez show

80. Go to a Twenty one pilots concert

81. Play gotcha

82. Visit every state of Mexico

83.Be on a stairs of an New York apartment building

84. Buy a record player

I will update my bucket list as the time goes on… :)