Identity Politics Horseshoe: So anti-idpol that you’re pro-idpol!

I often criticise neoliberals and conservatives, but I think it’s time for me to take a look at people on “my side” of the political aisle and be critical. Scratch that, these people are not on my side. Homophobes are not comrades. Transphobes are not comrades. Sexists are not comrades. Racists are not comrades. Antisemites are not comrades. I don’t care if they call themselves socialists and have icons all over their bio signalling what they believe in. What matters most to be is your heart and what you believe in.

I frequently lurk on r/stupidpol, an anti-identity left wing politics subreddit. For the most part, I like a lot of what I see there. I’m proud to be class first. I think it’s the right way to approach things. I’m glad people on there are calling out cynical neolib feel good equality uwu pinkwashing crap, but I see prejudice on there (namely transphobia) that worries me and makes me and people I care about feel excluded. Yes, rainbow capitalism sucks but it’s not the rainbows that are the problem, but the capitalism. I’m not just seeing it on r/stupidpol, but also on Twitter (yes I know that it’s not representative of average people, but there’s bound to be people out there who seriously think like this) where I see “Marxist-Leninists” calling LGBT issues bourgeois. Oh boy where do we begin?

Most people generally are working class. It doesn’t matter what colour their skin is, what gender they love, what gender they are, what religion they are, where they were born, what language they speak, or what medical conditions they have. The rich are a small minority and the rest of us are plebs just trying to get by in life, with some having it worse than others: various levels of savings, some have a mortgage to pay while others have rent to pay, some people’s paycheques being higher than others, cost of living varying from place to place, lots of factors.

Obviously, a lot of LGBT representation in media is going to be upper class people because those are the actors, musicians, and writers that shape our culture. And if you don’t meet any LGBT people in real life (we’re a minority so not surprised), you might think being homosexual, bisexual, or transsexual is just something bored rich people partake in for fun as if it’s some lifestyle choice (and even then, who cares? it’s a free country, let people do what they want as long as no one is being hurt!).

Thankfully things have improved and being gay in Western Europe/USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand isn’t going to lead to a prison sentence, death sentence, or fine. In those days not even being rich, well-connected, and influential could save you.

However, nowadays depending on who is around you, you might face social consequences though and your life can still be ruined. There are still so many stories of people being bullied at school, children/teens getting kicked out of their parents’ homes, people being bullied back in the closet and forced to detransition, fired/not hired from a job, denied housing, lose friends/family, the list goes on. Anti-discrimination laws aren’t going to stop discrimination, but at least we need an avenue for recourse and these laws are a step towards attitude changes. As much as I will shout about liberals being snakes and wolves in sheep’s clothing whenever I see cynical pandering from neolibs, I truly think things are getting better, but we need to keep fighting for a better world and never take things for granted. We need to hold politicians accountable and have zero tolerance for homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, all the prejudices and bigotry. At some point in left wing politics it’s necessary to gatekeep. When it comes to bigots, gate go slam! Gatekeeping is good actually when it’s hateful people and authoritarians we are keeping out.

LGBT people make up a significant percentage of homeless and poor. LGBT people are workers too. LGBT people work for wages. We live in the same society as you. We’re victims of capitalism too. How is being LGBT anti-working class? Why do you care so much what someone does to their body? Why do you care so much about who someone loves? How does it affect you?

Yes I’m proud to be a left leaning libertarian independent and I don’t have time for your prejudiced authoritarian tears. When you spread anti-LGBT ideas, you’re acting like conservatives, the people you claim to hate.

LGBT people have a place in the revolution. All working class people have a place in the revolution. Let’s join together! Stop bickering and obsessing over differences and start talking about what we have in common and make the economy work for all of us! Free at the point of service healthcare for all. Homeownership for all. Tuition free university. Workers rights. These policies help everyone regardless of identity. Let’s talk policy, not culture war — this goes for everyone.



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Angie Moon

Angie Moon

Left Libertarian and Classic Rock Enthusiast. Starting a revolution from my bed.