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Love the new pod. I tweeted at Favreau, the less good Jon, about maybe talking to some of the “Trumpgrets” because I’m worried we aren’t going to connect with his supporters who have already realized they were conned. Some Trumpretters are angry about stupid promises he won’t follow up on like the Wall or Hillary, but others see what we see that he is turning his back on the people who elected him. There are so many serious areas of concern that both sides share. Can we find common ground? Also would love to hear a pod, maybe Van Jones again, on how to talk to a Trump supporter. I live in Park Slope Brooklyn so I have limited contact with them but the few I’ve met are so angry that it seems impossible to have a rational discussion. Before the election when Hillary’s name came up, the few Trump supporters I know, accessed such intense rage at the mere mention of her name and spewed lies about Benghazi and her emails. Knowing facts doesn’t get you anywhere so what do you say? I know many people with relatives who were Trump supporters and they’ve just opted not to discuss politics. And that isn’t going to get us anywhere. Keep up the good work and hope you can give some advice.