Today is my last day at

That’s a simple sentence to write, but a difficult concept to wrap my head around. The only thing that makes it easier to handle is the fact that I’m starting a new gig I’m excited about just half a block away as the Digital Director for 1280 the Zone.

I started at KSL last March as a part time night and weekend producer because some maniac named Spencer Hall thought it was a good idea to take a flyer on a girl from Twitter who made too many #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin jokes. He truly gave me a great opportunity and I hope I made the most of it. I became a full time employee the following July and transitioned into the Audience Development Manager and Entertainment editor in the fall.

Thank you to Spencer for taking a chance on me. It’s unreal to reflect on, still.

When I start at 1280 on Monday, that also means I’ll no longer write for Salt City Hoops. Getting credentialed to cover NBA games in February was such a valuable opportunity that came about because SCH managing editor Andy Larsen was willing to let me try it after sincerely asking me who in the market deserved to be credentialed and wasn’t. When I said I wanted to try it, he let me give it a go, although I’d never written a single gamer prior to that. I loved writing for Salt City Hoops because of how it allowed me to marry my love of basketball and ridiculous puns in a way that is very blog specific. Covering Jazz games also brought me relationships with the writers in the market, each of whom are such incredible people that I’m excited to continue to work with when the season starts (or at pub trivia).

Everyone should just know that Andy is the best and we’ll all be saying “I knew him when” someday. I don’t know where I’d be personally or professionally without him.

This also means I won’t be doing the KSL Court Report with Andy anymore, and I’ll also have to give up the KSL Popcorn Report. Getting to know John and Travis as their editor and reluctant friend (not that reluctant) has been a highlight of my time at KSL. I hope our text thread never dies.

I want to thank my whole team for being the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. Thank you again to Spencer and Andy, my friends and family, those I love and who have talked with me through stressful nights where I didn’t know if I had what it takes. I’m a better person and more confident professional because of you. I hope I can help others the way you all have helped me.

I’m thrilled to get to work with Scott Garrard and the whole 1280 team. Let’s create something awesome.

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