The truth is that white Republican women are not waiting for their minds to be changed by well-meaning feminists; they are happy to vote for Trump. As author Rebecca Traister has written, “White women, who enjoy proximal power from their association with white men, have often served as the white patriarchy’s most eager foot soldiers.” (Brittney Cooper and Elizabeth Gillespie McRae’s work is invaluable on this front.)
Stop Trying to Flip Female Trump Supporters
Jessica Valenti

I just published a short about dating over 50, a personal story that threw me off as I had be abstinent from the scene for a decade. I did not expect that we are still in such patriarchal mess even in the futurist men’s tribe. Yesterday I attempted to communicate with women supporting trump and was called a “dumb bitch”, seems you’re right, they’re not open to exchange opinions or to listen at all. Such a waste of human potential though…