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Hello, 2016!

2015. Oh what a year you have been! There are so many words to describe you but for now I’m gonna settle for “grabe siya!” Lol. Kidding aside, my 2015 really was very momentous. I think I have to do a separate post on that but in the meantime, this post shall contain a run-down of what I have in mind for 2016 and what goals and dreams (or things) I plan to achieve (or buy *wink*).

Let’s start with the necessities.

Land a Job.

Last year, I was privileged enough to have been included in the IT Coding Bootcamp hosted by a Japanese company in Quezon City. Only 10 out of 500 applicants were chosen to be trained and being one of them makes me feel really grateful (and lucky!). This actually deserves a separate post so I’ll not go into details further. But the relevant thing about this bootcamp is that it paved the way to more opportunities and one of which includes (possibly, hopefully) getting a position in their company. If everything goes well this January, I might just land that job AND THAT WOULD REALLY MAKE MY YEAR BTW. So, I’m hoping that the universe will be at my side when that happens but if not (but I’m still hoping it does oh dear lord), I guess I’ll just suck it up and move forward.

Save Up.

One of my biggest regrets in the past years is not being able to save up just enough to let me live a modestly decent life in the metro without having to rely too much on my parents (Curse you, chicken nuggets! Ilang singko din yun). This year once I finally get a stable financial source, I’ll try MY VERY BEST not to spend too much on unnecessary things like junk food and instead think twice or thrice or four times before getting that 100-peso tea or that ridiculously expensive coffee.

Shed Pounds

This is probably the mostly challenging thing to accomplish among the three because eating has recently been a really pleasurable hobby (lol) and with all the temptation around, I’m finding it so hard to resist food. (Buy 6 take 6 Go Nuts donuts, you are not helping! huhu) Also for the first time in my life, I hit the three-digit pound mark and I just don’t know what to feel about that. It’s still under the normal weight I think but I don’t want it to go up a crazier digit so I better do something about it now while it’s not yet too late. (N, I know you’re reading this. Will you please be my exercise buddy? We can jog around Ayala triangle or Luneta on a regular basis please say yes hahaha)

And now with the other things.

I actually want to buy a planner. It’s not because I wanna hop into the I-have-a-planner-I’m-so-cool bandwagon but I believe it would really help organize my life and monitor my goals better (and help me look back on things easily). Plus, with all the new “planners with personality” being published, it’s hard not to get one yourself when some planners just scream YOU. In fact, Rappler recently published their comprehensive planner guide here and I’ve already set my eyes on some of them, namely:

  1. Scribble Planer. The best part of this planner is that it comes with a Scribbler kit — a watercolor guide, a watercolor bookmark, and 3 Neofine Fineliners! Ahhh who doesn’t want freebies?! Plus, Look at that lovely design! P595 is also not such a bad price for everything here.
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2. The Daykeeper 2016. This is more expensive at P1090 but what stood out for me in this planner is the many things you can do with it. Quoting Rappler:

Part agenda, part journal, the Daykeeper planner will keep you organized, but you’ll still have space to write down all your ideas, hopes, and dreams. The smyth sewn notebook comes with 164 uniquely designed pages, a back pocket, and 4 postcards.
It also has a craft book jacket that you can keep on or remove, as you like. The Daykeeper 2016 comes with a gift box too, making it perfect to give to a friend for the holidays.
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3. The Design Your Life Planner. This one’s more functional having tons of features including fun games inside, a space for printed Instagram photos and a 30-day challenge every month to help you achieve your goals. This one’s also priced at P595.

Photo courtesy of CNS Designs
Photo courtesy of CNS Designs

There are other amazing planners in the list (especially those which had beautiful drawings on them) but these are just some of the things that stood out to me, functionality and design-wise.

Now, these are just some of the other things I wish I could try this 2016 (This is just a rough guide. Not everything is of utmost importance)

  1. Witness the 20th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga
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2. Watch the 7th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at SM MOA. I JUST LOVE FIREWORKS OK?

3. Enrol in an art-related workshop. It could be any visual-art related thingy.

4. Buy a painting set maybe? I’ve always wanted to try painting.

5. Go to a white-sanded beach. In my liftetime, I can only count with one hand the number of times I or my family have been to a beach. I’m hoping to add a number to that.

6. Go trekking. To see more breath-taking views.

7. Go to an amusement park. Nothing compares to feeling like a kid again :)

8. Visit a museum. Solitude. Appreciation.

9. See a musical. I haven’t seen a live musical before.

10. Secure gifts for people who matter to me months before Christmas day. Para di masyado mabigat gastos sa christmas! :)

AND THAT’S IT! My 2016 plan. What’s yours? :)

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