There Is No Good Argument For The Teen Wage
Hanna Brooks Olsen

And what of kids whose family members include younger children, and whose parents need to report incomes of all members to Social Services? For both SSI and TANF/SNAP, would this not change the benefits for those kids’ moms and/or dads who are trying to make it until one or both parents are employed? What of single-parent families in the same situation? These kids’ incomes are already going to be used for family income, and if they are, why are they not getting to take these tests for free? I’m sure they weren’t always a pay-to-play item. The truth is, by giving children in poverty ways out of it, the economy wins, as does the student and her/his family. It doesn’t trickle down, folks. One doesn’t grow a plant by watering the flower, one grows it by watering the roots.

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