Live by the EpiPen, die by the EpiPen
Zach Shallbetter

Can you say, “single-payer, universal health care”? Yes, here. The insurance companies can insure something else. But health care is necessary, it’s life or death. Right now, we’re being told that whomever doesn’t have the cash gets the coffin, to put it bluntly. Single payer allows us to put our money into something that goes right back into our pockets, paying for our needs, plain and simple. That’s what it’s supposed to do, and hasn’t been doing. I don’t use epi-pens, but do depend on medications that I must take every single day or else find myself worse off — and I’ve been there, even taking these meds. I have to hope to stay covered. There are others worse off, and no one should wonder about how long their medication — rescue or otherwise — will last or be affordable until some entity changes the game for them. It’s one stressful thing we shouldn’t have to worry about, not for ourselves, nor for our children.

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