Crazy part is I understand most of that.
Zeferino Macedo

Not crazy at all, and so did I. In a country this large, is it at all strange that we should have dialects, accents, words and phrases, that are native to certain places? Of course not! Linguistic history dictates that it should be so, actually. And it’s fascinating. One of our greatest losses, in my unabashedly not humble opinion, is that we are losing so much of all of that. Our newscasters, most of those in public places, have dropped all those linguistic and accent clues as to where they’ve come from. People go our of their way to do so. I miss the times when we didn’t all sound alike so much! It’s beautiful to hear differences and expressions that speak of other places, and even sometimes pick up some of those from those we’re around all the time — as we often have done with our parents’ expressions and accents. Could it help us appreciate one another better? I don’t know. There’s the chance it could. That, and food….

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