Yes. I’m the girl.

Your daughter

Your mother

Your sister

Your wife

Your friend

Your enemy

I’m your crush

Your slut

Your heartbreaker

Your secret

Your problem

Your conversation topic

Your hero

Your man eater

Your bimbo

Your kept

Your.. wait. Why do I always bother to write about you?

Who are you when I’ve my whole fucking soul, mind and body?

Will you ever let me be myself?

Will you ever take my being braless in a party easy way?

If tomorrow I’m raped will you ask me my goals my dreams my choices my preferences again?

If tomorrow you hear that I’m a gay or bisexual will any of you remember that it’s my life and not yours?

I guess somewhere deep inside you, you know what the answers are, don’t lie, lie at least to yourselves.

To all the girls, girls who are afraid to talk about themselves, their feelings, their sexdrives their goals, their choices.. you are the future. Of us, of them.

Don’t hide. None is worth your life. And most importantly your smiles.

Yes. I’m the girl. The girl who doesn’t forget to smile.- RF.
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