Knowing the Importance and Application of Pelican and Fox Fury Scene Lighting RALS

Angis corma
Apr 19, 2018 · 2 min read

It is said that “what you can’t see can hurt you”, but that’s not necessarily true when you need to go to a dark, isolated place with minimal lighting. This is the time when scene lighting comes in handy. Known to be more efficient than other lighting types, Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) have carved their niche in the public safety sector. Previously, people used corded halogen lights, but after the development of RALS units, most prefer them over corded or generator powered lights. In the recent years, we have observed a great improvement in this on-scene lighting equipment, and it is only getting better with each upgrade. You will know the importance of on-scene lighting system once we discuss the fundamentals of scene lighting.

Fundamentals of scene lighting

In the public safety sector, one requires very specialized tools to perform in the most difficult circumstances. Illumination being a very significant factor in these incident scenes should be your priority. Here you need to be clear about the differences between scene lighting equipment and task lighting equipment.

Any scene lighting equipment has the capability of lighting a considerably large geographical area, which might include illuminating the entire area where an accident took place encompassing patient extrication. On the other hand, task lighting equipment such as hand held lights or head lamps project a very focused beam of light on a particular task or a specific job.

Both Pelican and Fox Fury Scene Lighting RALS, being the most innovative RALS companies to date, can light up riverbanks, ravines, or confined spaces, typically where generator lights can’t go.

Premium quality scene lighting equipment like the Pelican and Fox Fury scene lighting RALS, illuminate a large geographical area don’t require any additional light source to light up the area. These types of lighting equipment are used primarily in emergency locations like lighting up the whole crime or fire scene.

Carving a new path, premium scene lighting RALS are effectively changing the mindset of people. Another important thing that people need to be aware of is that when you are talking about lighting, then it is the output in Lumens that matters the most and not the wattage. Both Pelican and Fox Fury scene lighting RALS, offer lights with focused or broad beam spread providing output of 1000 to over 10000 lumens of lighting. Additionally these can be easily deployed on a mast as high as 7 feet to light up the whole emergency area for a safe and swift operation.

Author’s bio: The author is a writer, and this article is about the importance of Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS)

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