Ever since I started (regular) meditation this year, I’ve been subconsciously & consciously removing clutter from my life. I truly did revamp my room (in 3 months, a task that sounded so intimidating just thinking about it late last year). I can’t wait to clear my wardrobe again soon.

I’ve been taking good care of myself. I realised how much I’m starting to enjoy doing that. Eating well, including hearty breakfasts. Sleeping well, with aroma-therapy in the room, with at least 6 hours of sleep. And being with people of positive vibes, who make me happy.

This concept of sufficiency and essentialism.

I hope to eat less cafes/restaurants (the pure indulgence of food). To uncover local, authentic food in the heart of our culture. Try new food that’s both can be good and cheap. To just eat what I need, not what I want to eat.

And then give the rest to the ones who truly need.

Read a quote from a blog that I completely agree with. About how the universe truly conspires to what you have in your head. How much is really coincidence in this world? Imagine when I went London for a week, it was sunny, compared to the rest of the days in London. How safe I was during my entire solo trip. How beautiful the skies were, even in Switzerland. Same in Singapore. So many times I’ve taken blessings for granted. When you start to notice, they are all around you.

Good things compounds with contentment and gratitude. It multiplies the more you share gratitude. Think positive thoughts, and they will find its way towards you.

I’ve been living a life so happy and full these days, It feels that Time is not enough. Too many ideas in my head, and things to do. So excited.

This is how life should be.

I’ve had a taste of the bland monotonous life, the boredom kills me.

This world is so huge. Only if you go out and venture. To find them.

Find what speaks to your heart, inspires you, makes you happy just thinking about it.

Then pursue it.

Good luck!