Some people see this as negative, being overly bold, doing dangerous things.

Let me rephrase it then.


With no fear.

Quiet confidence.

When you are not afraid of the future, of uncertainty, of unknowns.


When you are not so afraid of others’ judgment (in turn I also mean self-judgment), of societal expectations of you.


Photo credit: Stocksnap.io, Julian Jagtenberg

I like how the right answers are all within yourself.

We spend so much time searching for answers, getting validation & affirmation from others to convince ourselves we’re right. When the unexplained gut, the instinct, is all you have to listen to. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘follow your heart’.

The world actually doesn’t quite tell you the right answers (at least most of the time).

They tell you there is an expiry to age.

They tell you there is no love without a partner.

They tell you your decision is wrong by the number of people who object.

They tell you how much your career is worth by the dollars entering the pocket.

Sometimes I wonder… Who would I be if I were to be born in an older generation?

Will I just suffocate and live a miserable life?

Rules. Traditions. Myths. Superstitions.

I really can’t imagine living a life of a woman 50 years ago. (Wait, actually I can. But I might be very miserable, like most women who lived then. The muffled voices carried to the graveyard).

We’re living in an exciting generation indeed. To be honest.

Look at internet, smartphones, VR/AR/360/robots/AI (etc). Look at spaceships. Look at organisations fighting for civil rights/women rights/LGBTQI rights. Look at brands now listening to consumers. So much more..

I see my parents grow together with me. Learning new ways of thinking, learning to accept (at times being forced to accept). Letting go of traditions, rigid mindsets, old ways of thinking. Part and parcel of life I suppose?

So glad to be going through this at a young age.

A myriad of possibilities of the future.

Can’t wait for the wings that have grown, to fly.