Floral Addiction

​Think I’m suffering from floral addiction.

I look outside at the greens & all I think of are fillers. I look at flowers & the bouquets I made. And I couldn’t help think of a million ways of how I could have made it better.

Is this The Artist Syndrome?

Is this why they never like to put a price tag to it?

Because it creates stress and it loses the magic of pure creation from their hands?

But still, I look at my bare hands and realise how it has the ability to create something out of nothing.

Is this what Art is about?

When the creation becomes an extension of the self. A part of you that you feel attached to.

I think I’ve just found myself more than a hobby.

Creativity that leads to creation is truly a gift.

Thank You – for this wonderful gift. The gift that sets my heart on fire.

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