Step out of the box

Today I learnt that the best work
Comes from having fun doing it
Step out of the box
Don’t do it for the sake of doing
And just think
What is the right thing to do
Then go do it

Photo credit:, Lukasz Lada

Wrote this yesterday.
And so I did. Stepped back.
Trusted myself, and my mind.
And did it. Without panicking (that gives me a mental block)
And it worked. It went very well today.
The simple ‘Thank you for doing this’ meant so much to me.
And you realise how much people actually hope to be with people who wants to do great work.
Because I, too.
It’s like we constantly motivate & inspire one another.
I did it. My job. 
To inspire. To tell stories. To guide creatives in the right direction.
That’s how I bring value to the table.
And it’s true.
When you feel excited & good about it, others feel it too.
Mini milestone again. Yay.
I guess this really is where my motivation & fulfilment come from.
From doing the best to my abilities.
From challenging myself in various aspects. 
Constantly surprising myself. And others too perhaps.
Just that little push. 
Like a button ready for the skyrocket.
And I pray for the opportunities that will keep pushing me further, to uncover the best I’ve yet to.
Feeling (again) so thankful.
For everything.
Really, I am.
Thank You.

Tonight, my boss reminded me again.
The formula of success. 
And to stick to it.

Have the right attitude + Be good at what you do = Excel

A few more virtual ‘post-it’ reminders for the self:

“Never settle for mediocrity”

“Think about what they want. And then do it better”

“No matter how stressed you get, always have fun. 
That’s where the best work come from”