The Journey

Today, someone asked me how I got me to where I am now. The skills I’ve gained. How could I do the tasks almost effortlessly.

I looked back. It’s been almost 3 years here, in my first job. I remember the countless late nights I spent, the long hours of internal struggle, the occasional silent cries in the toilet, the joy with every mini breakthrough — the first fresh graduate-junior strategist in the planning team, the first cracked brief, the first internal creative briefing, the first client meeting, the first client presentation, the first pitch, the first training with students, the first business trip, the first company award named ‘silent killer’….

I remember when I reached my first 1.5 years mark and I received a certain form of recognition & affirmation, I cried. I remembered the (tough) times I’ve been through, the choices I made and the destination line I’ve always kept in mind, where I constantly pushed myself to reach.

The silent victory.

I remember how badly I once wanted this. How I finally got it. And how I valued every moment from thereon.

I look at the people around me and I wonder… do they experience the same like me? Do they feel the same way? Will they laugh if they knew this about me?

After a pause, I answered “It took me a long time to get to where I am now, and it’s constant self-push, cause no one will, except yourself. And regular check-in’s, the openness to criticisms. To never settle, to know self-inadequacy, till it’s The Best”

Of course, blessed with a boss who invest in me, believe in me and is constantly pushing me.

That’s how I got here.

A brief that used to take me a week, till 3 days, and now a day.

They took time & effort. That people don’t see.

Got reminded of this quote:

The best people don’t talk about their pains, they let their victories speak for themselves.

Still so much to learn and go for.

Where’s next?

In this journey.

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