Today is a magical day.

With many mini breakthroughs.

  1. I learnt so much more about UX and design thinking today.
  2. I signed up for my first overseas Tech conference in New Orleans, US, happening next May.
  3. I bought six books at S$45 (US$33) in a go today – books that’ve always been on my bucket list
  4. I approached the Creative Director today and asked to critique my creative idea (without thinking about all the possible negative self-talk and labels I gave myself, including ‘you’re a strategist, not a creative’.
  5. I’ve been trying to write manifestos, beautiful long copy because who says strategists can’t write?

The six books I bought:

  • ‘One + One = Three’ by Dave Trott
  • ‘Incognito’ by David Eagleman
  • ‘Limitless’ by Ajaz Ahmed
  • ‘Grit’ by Angela Duckworth
  • ‘Think like an entrepreneur, Act like a CEO’ by Beverly E. Jones
  • ‘Eleanor & Park’ by Rainbow Rowell (Something light)
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