Explaining What the Internet is to Grandma

What is the internet?

a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols

Me: The magical place where you can watch all your chinese soap operas for FREE!! (I know you like free stuff…)

How do you use the internet?

First, open a window

Me: No grandma, not a real window. One on the computer

(1 hour later…)

*Finally gets grandma to open a window

Me: No grandma! Not internet explorer!!!

How do you access Facebook?

Me: Grandma, no one uses Facebook anymore….

How do you…?

Me: Nevermind Grandma, give me the mouse…..

Okay, enough fooling around. Let’s get to business…

In the scenario above, I explained that the internet is a network that provides information from other networks. It is connected to many different open source websites that allow us to access data from all over the world. You can stream movies, watch international and local news, and also video chat with your grandchildren across the globe.

You use the internet by firstly, opening a window. However, do not open Internet Explorer because that web browser is insecure and not as protected compared to the recent applications such as Google Chrome. Then, search whatever you want. When you search something on the internet, your computer sends data through networks to gather the information requested from your computer. Then, your computer shows the information it recieved and displays it on your screen. This is how the internet works and this process only takes seconds.

If you want to access social media such as Facebook, even though no one really uses it anymore besides my grandma, be sure to remember not to post pictures of yourself on the internet or send illegal materials. Also, always make sure you have a secure network and complex passwords to prevent hackers from taking your information. Be sure not to click on any ads and don’t friend anyone you don’t know in real life. People in the world are very dangerous and may be stalking you to get money from you.

Well grandma, this is literally everything you have to know about the internet as you only watch shows and look at facebook pictures all day. I’ve already taught you how to access your favorite shows, turn on the TV for news, and how to log onto Facebook. I’ve also told you how the internet works and little tips on how to stay safe, not that you’ll really remember it. But that’s okay, I’m always here to help.

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