Hi Angelique, I appreciate your article and your open-mindedness to both sides of the conversation…
Kristen v.H. Middleton

Wow Kristen, thank you for your gracious words and beautiful response. I definitely can see how marriage could work for some people and the benefits of it! I think for me I can also be in a monogamist relationship but without the labelling (i.e. the freedom is there for me to exercise or not, but the decision is entirely mine). Interestingly, not too long after I wrote the article I actually met someone whom I’ve become quite exclusive with, but we also do not need to label it lol (I don’t know why I don’t get comfortable with labelling). But yea thanks for your insightful comments and I believe one can definitely grow and expand further if you connect with the right soul :)

Glad to hear marriage works for you :)

Love & Light