In 1965, U.S. and Dominican Tanks Fought Brief, Violent Skirmishes
War Is Boring

The Swedes “were” major arms manufacturers? “Were”?

SAAB Bofors Defence; manufacture a wide range of missiles and systems used by dozens of major military forces around the world. Carl Gustav? AT4? RBS15/23/70 missiles? Taurus cruise missile used in Germany and Spain? Not major enough?

Then there’s the aircraft manufacturing side. SAAB Gripen maybe?

Kockums Naval Solutions — another SAAB company, major manufacturer of submarines and naval vessels including revolutionary Visby and Skjold fast naval craft.

The Electronics side of SAAB born out of Ericsson, supply advanced radar systems to multiple armed forces around the globe. Air systems, land systems, maritime systems used in ships, aircraft and ground systems around the globe. Giraffe radar series?

Nammo Finnish/Norwegian ammunition maker has a significant subsidiary company in Sweden producing advanced explosives and ammunitions for the global market.

BAE Systems AB is a wholly Swedish entity owned by BAE, which includes the Hagglunds holding company for their articulated tracked vehicles and also manufacture artillery and ammunition.

If that whats it takes to be has been, I’d hate to see your standards to be a current major arms producer.

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