Dear White Democrats

Hillary Clinton “engaging” with a potential voter in Minnesota

Hi, democratic party…pull up a chair and be blessed with this read.

Since, basically, the Civil Rights Movement, when they helped pass the Civil Rights Act in the 60’s, Black people have aligned, virtually in lockstep, with the democratic party. In the decades since, the democratic party has worked tirelessly to maintain our support and votes. And in return they’ve given us so much…black lives have improved greatly under democratic leadership…greatly.


Let’s call it for what it is…over the last few decades, the democratic party has put in minimal work to serve our interests beyond empty pandering. Democratic politicians have endorsed and passed legislation that has been every bit as harmful to us as Republicans (if not more so).

Then, when we simply stand up and say, “Hey…we’ve been giving you our virtually unanimous support for decades, now. Maybe put our needs and interests at the forefront, for once,” so many of these white “liberals” wanna get butthurt over it and push back. But thing is, I’m not even necessarily mad over that, because that’s exactly what I expect from y’all (white privilege, and what-not).

But what pisses me off is the sense of ENTITLEMENT that democrats have when it comes to our votes. You don’t wanna improve the party to better serve us — no, you just wanna hold the threat of a republican president over us…as if they’ve historically been SO much worse. Between these incidents of Hillary being so condescending and dismissive to Black people, and Bill Maher calling us “fucking idiots,”…it only reinforces my desire to not care about anything you do.

If you want our support, it needs to be a two-way street. Period.

TL;DR version:

El Fin

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