#NotYourMule: Non-Black People of Color and “Solidarity"

Angry Black Hoemo
Feb 29, 2016 · 3 min read

...because an opportunity's been thrown into my lap, I can't let this Black History Month “bonus day” pass by without a read.

Since last night, all over Twitter, I'm seeing Non-Black POC crying extra salty tears over the fact that Chris Rock only spoke up for Black people, and even criticizing "#OscarsSoWhite" for not being inclusive enough.

Never mind that the latter is an absolute lie -- as it was made crystal clear by the Black Woman who created the hashtag that the movement was started for all people of color, not just Black people. But, thing is, even if it was only for Black people, so what? We have our own history of racism and our own, unique issues to deal with, and we shouldn't have to be expected to do the work for everyone else. Many of the NBPOC who were complaining had follower counts in the tens — even hundreds — of thousands...there's absolutely nothing stopping these folks from starting and/or amplifying their own hashtags and movements.

Non-Black POC have largely gotten to ride the hollow, artificial white acceptance that is the "model minority" wave for decades, now, as Black people have taken the bulk of angst and disdain from white racists, because we're the ones who have been willing to stand up and scream loudly. All of this time, NBPOC have only hopped into racial justice movements when it's convenient because (in my opinion) they see how much heat we get from white bigots and don't want it for themselves.

Another reason why this bothers me is it's just yet another instance of people avoiding confronting the real issue in order to have an excuse to be anti-black. Black people aren't the reason you're underrepresented in the media. Black people aren't the reason you experience oppression, in general. White supremacy is. Stop wasting your time screaming at us, grow a pair and direct your anger where it really belongs.

Don’t get me wrong — I actually love the idea of solidarity. Fact of the matter is, all people of color have been marginalized and torn down by white supremacy, in one way or another. I believe the fight for freedom against white supremacy would be more effective with a unified understanding from people of color, but this isn’t about to be a one-way street. You’re not gonna spend decades trying to be included in white supremacy by throwing us under the bus, disenfranchising the hell out of African/Black people in your own communities, do little to advance your own causes, and then turn around and expect us to cape for you. Y’all got the game all fucked up.

Slavery has been over for about 150 years now...why TF do people STILL feel so entitled to our free labor? 😒

#justsayin #NotYourMule


Marq M
a.k.a. Mouth of the South
a.k.a. Angry Black Homo


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