Mansplaining and the silencing of what you don’t want to address

What is more demoralizing for a woman to hear from a man how she should feel or how she should act in her life or in a business setting? What kind of thoughts go through her head when she knows full well she is being a productive part of the overall whole and her grievances go largely unheard over the cries of, “we have a great working relationship with women here, I don’t see a problem”.

Mansplaining. The act of explaining to a woman ‘how it is’ is a demeaning or condescending tone.

It is dehumanizing her grievances in the eyes of the majority, it is instantly shutting down her point of view because you deem it improbable and not applicable from your point of view. It is shutting off communication because you don’t want to hear her point of view or you simply would rather ignore it.

To the eyes of the non-PC crowd, mansplaining is a joke; whereas these same people long for the days when ‘America was great’; which we know usually means it was ok to be ragingly Politically Incorrect and ignore the struggles of another for the sake of keeping your own life sheltered from reality.

Mansplaining is insensitive and unempathetic. It is essentially shouting down your child before they talk. It is telling that woman, “SHUT UP, you don’t know how it is! This is what the truth is!”

Mansplaining is giving unsolicited and unasked for criticism. This is prevalent in the era of social media when women come across men each and every day who can ‘do it better’ and have no issues telling them how they can. This can come from a co-worker who offers his opinion without being asked, “look, here is what I would do to really make this project better” when he may have no idea what your plans are, or he isn’t directly involved with it.

Mansplaining is assuming women are all irrational, emotional misfits, or ruled by their menstrual cycles. Comments such as, “she is just pissed because it is that time of the month again” or “man, you know how women are, she is just bitching to hear herself bitch”.

These are instances where if the shoe was on the other foot, the majority of men would be angry to be lumped in a foolish general stereotype.

In fact, hashtags like #NotAllMen or #AllLivesMatter show that statement to be 100% true. God forbid a woman has a gripe against the system in place, immediately some random men online may chime in with, “hey, I am not like that, don’t judge us all #NotAllMen” instead of taking them time to understanding that she is NOT judging all men, she is airing her dislike with a system that tolerates certain behaviors, actions, and words which many men silently tolerate or loudly take part in. Of course not all men are like that, but then again not all cops are bad people, not all white people eat mayo, and not all Mexicans are rapists who hop the border to commit crime on unsuspecting Americans. Criticizing a system that needs improvement is different from criticizing an individual.

Mansplaining, when some men don’t even understand they are actively taking part in it.

If you want to be a part of a solution and help, you need to listen, you need to hear people out, you need to stop looking at women as people that need men in their lives, and start looking at women as they are.

There are differences in the sexes but women don’t need men to explain to them what they are, they need men to stop mansplaining to them about how they think they should fix them to be more like… well…. men.