Why is being a man and a feminist a bad thing?

Feminism comes in many forms in today’s world. There is the equal pay for equal work, my body my right, I am capable of the same type of work, I am as mentally strong as a man type and there is the social justice safe space, suppress words that trigger, overly sensitive crowd.

Of course that is making it very elementary but you can find a lot of truth in those two generalizations and a lot of middle ground in between them as well.

As a man I am an unashamed feminist, not because I am emasculated but because I am a man. I want women to be recognized in the business world, I want women to be seen as athletes first, I want a woman who is a fireball of effectiveness in the business world to not be called “bitch” but instead be rewarded with promotions and pay raises, and I want women to be treated unequivocally as major contributors to the world we have created.

As a man I am a feminist not because I am a shadow of what you perceive a man should be. I am a feminist because I can respect the value of both a hard working woman with ambition and a partner who wants to be by my side. I can look at her drive to succeed not as a threat to my manhood but as a complement to my life. I can look at her assertiveness in life knowing she is confident, assured, strong, and that carries over into relationships with other people outside of work. I know that in most cases she is sure of her life, she wants what is best for her, and she won’t settle. None of those are negatives and they can all be overwhelming positives.

I am a feminist not because I want safe spaces and get triggered by men who act the stereotypical role of “men” as portrayed by the right wing media pundits. I am one because I recognize we can still hunt, we can fish, we can be physically strong, we can have facial hair, we can love women’s sexuality, we can own and love guns, we can respect the things that men love to do while at the same time deeply appreciate women for what they do, how they are, their ambitions, their equality, their personality, and their benefit to our lives.

So if you ask me what is wrong with being a man and a feminist? I have yet to see one logical reason why is it wrong to be a man and a feminist.

All evidence points to me wanting women to be treated as equals, paid equally for their work, rewarded for their ambition, ending the propaganda war on Planned Parenthood, birth control being given easy access to, sexualizing of female athletes suppressed in favor of their accomplishments as we do with male athletes, and for the glass ceiling to be shattered so that we truly have the cream rise to the top and not who is perceived as the best by an antiquated patriarchy.

After all, if you have better women, more successful women, you have better and more successful men. Both sexes benefit from feminism… and you won’t need a safe space for it, you will need communication, real action, real dialogue, and real results.

What better way to benefit a first world society by recognizing excellence when it is in front of your face, regardless of what gender they are.

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