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I can only share my soul with the bleeding.

It’s all I attract. I don’t think it’s because I’m a therapist. It’s always been this way. They come like it’s written. And I gravitate toward them. Maybe because God knows I value stories and no character arcs without blood.

But let me tell you about the bleeding. They are the most empathetic. They have the most capcity. They love the hardest. If you don’t bleed, you only see red. People who have suffered, who have been through trauma, felt like dying, who have looked up at hell, but have bounced back or held on to torn strings of hope long enough for the riptide to fade, see the world differently.

They have the ability to spot truth.

And that means you can build something with them.

This makes them gems.The bleeding are not dying.

They are the most alive.

Or maybe because I am also a bleeder.

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