While networks like Instagram and Twitter are beginning to wear thin,
The Hive is the New Network
Arjun Sethi

My thoughts aloud: The legacy networks like FB / Linkedin / Twitter / Instagram were built as closed platforms, designed to pen in users to do a limited set of transactions. Write in 140 characters, post status updates, like photos, and so on. This was because the value of a legacy network was realised through advertising. A network needed to show its advertisers a clear purpose and audience to attract ad $.

[Hat Tip to Seth Godin’s Purple Cow] But the fact is that people are immune to advertising. “Attention” means nothing. Everyone has everyone and nobody’s attention. The slickest, frictionless-est food delivery app wins, not the one with most TV spots.

The hive will not provide for people’s needs (we need nothing), or wants (we want everything), the hive will provide us abilities.

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