How to get a long-lasting Facebook access token for your Facebook page

I’m writing this post because most of the resources I found online about this topic are outdated.

The process is really simple.


To follow this process you need:

Step 1

Go to

Select your Facebook App from the dropdown

Get an User Access Token and grant the correct permissions

In the GET field insert


and get the Access Token for your Facebook Page

Step 2

Now go to the Facebook Debugger Tool page and paste the Access Token in the field and click the Debug button.

Now you should have something like this :

Step 3 (because 3 is the perfect number)

Click the Extend Access Token button and get the long-lasting token.
(If you debug this new token you can find his expiration date)

You can now use this token in your server app.


With this token you (AND OTHER PEOPLE TOO) can basically do everything with your page.
DO NOT put this token where h4ck3rz can find it !
This include the source code of Mobile Apps.

Yep ! People can decompile your app and mess with your page !

Yep ! I covered all that fields because I’m a bit paranoid about access tokens

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