This was an essay written for university that received a High Distinction.

Tony Abbott’s 2015 counter-terrorism address to the nation and following policies failed to adequately distinguish Muslims from extremists. When combined with the moral panic of ‘Mainstream’ Australia (Ho 2007, p.292), this failure resulted in the implication of Muslims as the ‘Other’. Entangled in the demonising rhetoric of the post 9/11 era, Abbott’s vocabulary created a dichotomy that encouraged national unity amongst the ‘Mainstream’ in opposition to the ‘Other’ (Lentini 2015, p.240). The fact that the ‘Other’ extends beyond radical extremists and encompasses all of Islamic and migrants Australia…

In the age of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, anything is possible in the realm of digital photography. But does the need to edit make you a bad photographer? This post is purely my opinion and not a definitive guideline on editing digital photography.

Now that everyone has a smartphone with a half decent camera and a plethora of filters to enhance their photos, it has become increasingly easier for the average person to take an aesthetically acceptable photo and share it amongst thousands of people. This has posed a challenge for professional photographers. …

Angus Whalan

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