Solution for the Syrian Refugee Crisis

I don’t think Syrian refugee crisis is a governments’ problem; I think it’s ours. One reason is that no government seems to have a handle on this problem. So I’d like to propose an experiment: Let’s see if we can come up with the solution. I ask you, whoever you are, to take in the necessary information, think of the solution, and post in reply what you have come up with. If we can get a useful discussion going here, with the deliverable being one or more solutions for the refugee crisis that relevant players can execute, we might save literally millions of people.

Here are some of the relevant information. Please post in reply any more information you know of. There should be a lot more.

New York Times:

World Vision:

European Commission:

Here’s my take on the problem. Please tackle, improve, refute, whatever as you see fit:

What: Create a safe haven, big enough for all Syrian citizens including the refugees, preferably near harbor, for all Syrian citizens and the refugees. Identify really smart business people and engineers. Flow some private and public investment into them to create some values for other Syrians and the world — let them create companies, even startups. Give them great digital infrastructure. Give them schools — use mostly Syrian teachers and supply just books and materials; let them use tents as schools for a while. With almost all Syrian citizens in this safe haven that’s managed by the allies, Russia and Syrian government have little power over “Syria.” Shift legitimacy of “Syria” to this safe haven, where people thrive economically and socially, doing things that are visible to the world (e.g. startups). Let these citizens vote for the new president, who will form his government, which will subsequently be a new one yet let them call it a continuation of their existing government (only the people will be different). People are the nation, not the government. If UN agreement is needed, get it. Since this is supposedly to solve refugee crisis and not to counter Russia, Russia has no legitimacy in blocking this. Refugee crisis is a headache to every European nation, and they will back this if this is likely to provide long-term place within Syria for all the refugees to be (the alternative for them is to provide that place themselves within their countries).

Who: US, US-led coalition, UN. Help from private sector (e.g. digital infrastructure).