While I appreciate the positive spin — trust me it’s a really refreshing thing to see — I find your…
Daniel Braunstein

Couldn’t agree with you more. Some really terrible things happened this year, and there weren’t many stories in politics, especially in places like the US, the UK or Australia, that gave anyone much reason for optimism. That’s particularly true for the most vulnerable people in those societies.

But the point of this article is not to say we should stick our fingers in ears and ignore the bad news. The point is to say we should balance the bad news with good news, and try to break out the bad news bubble that’s so prevalent in modern day media.

This article is an attempt to create balance… through imbalance. The vast majority of news out there is negative. So we thought we’d redress that. At no point have we suggested here that people should stop paying attention to some of the terrible things that are happening on our watch. But if we can’t celebrate the successes too, then how is anyone ever supposed to have hope that change is possible?