3 Strengths and 3 Weaknesses of OD
Paul Thoresen

Paul, interesting points. I figure T-group could be seen as having two aspects: one to do with the intensity of social relationship and the potential for slef-development. The other was to do with the particular dynamics used way back from the 70s. But I am itnerested in your force field analysis. It has intrigued me for along time. It has intuitively interesting aspects. At the same time it is easily transformed into a kind of classical physics concept which would make it totally unsuitable. I think there are the different **aspects** of a situation (what is being paid intention to as significant) — htis is wierd, when I use voice recognition dictation, this app/site is manipulating some of the text — anyway, hte second aspect si context working as constraints or shaeprs — es wehat (=see what) I mean about manipulating text? — And finally purposes. Ith ink you would eend (=I think you would need) to factor in perceptual control theory.

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