How We Found J’s Lover

The Beauty of the Modern Age

“J’s going on a date!”

Those five words made me jump out of bed and rush into the lounge faster than a speeding ticket.

J? A date? This couldn’t be true!

My flatmates were discussing the antics of the night before. It just so happened that our kindest and shyest flatmate had acquired a girl’s number and was now texting said girl about a date.


Who is this girl that J fancies? Where did she come from? Where did they meet?

…What does she look like?

The last one was slightly more difficult for J to answer. A Facebook search would suffice if he had her full name, but he didn’t. All he had in his contacts was Georgia ❤. She had entered her own details and had chosen a purple heart instead of her last name. Thwarted. The mood in the room visibly dropped.

Modern Technology Rocks

Three minutes after being told J didn’t know Georgia’s last name I was watching a video of Georgia riding a horse with her Aunty in 2014.

Ten years ago this would have been a much more laborious feat to achieve without meeting Georgia. It would have required stalking J’s dates, finding out where Georgia lives, taking the letters her parents had sent her, going to the sender’s address and then ransacking the family video collection.

A month long job at best.

I had just done it in 1/14600th of the time.


J knew one thing for sure about Georgia. She was staying at a particular University hall. This meant she would be a member of the hall’s Facebook group page.

Search the hall name with this year → Go to the hall page → Click View group Info → Click Members → Search ‘Georgia’

Bing Bam Boom, there‘s Georgia’s Facebook profile.

Finding Georgia’s profile facilitated some great flat chat. We gave J the normal amount of stick and banter before and J also got some insight into the type of person he should pretend to be on their first date (he has a new found love for horses).

Job Well Done?

It is unnerving to think that someone can access your personal content so easily. However, this is the age we live in. If someone really wanted to use your content for nefarious purposes, they would find a way around your security settings.

As members of this world we have two choices. Either we accept the way things are or; we exile ourselves from the modern social world and go live in a pineapple under the sea.


Three weeks ago I joined Fraser McIntosh and Callum Herries in a challenge to write a blog post everyday. Fraser has written 18. Callum has written 23. I have donated $20 to Donald Trump.