Semi-Undercover Third-Wheeling

Probably the least self-directed reason to start a blog.

Earlier today I received a Facebook message. Inside this message was a link. Through clicking the link I came to a blog. On said blog was a post about cold showers. The second paragraph of this post read as follows;

The seed of this idea was planted quiet a while ago. A friend of mine mentioned that he was trying cold showers in the morning, as a way of making himself more alert along with a host of other proposed benefits. A quick Google search reveals claims of fat loss, healthier hair and skin, and improved recovery after exercise amongst other things.

That “friend” was yours truly.

Chuffed with the tip-of-the-hat, I replied saying it was a great post and that I was flattered to receive a mention. I then went on to investigate why he had started blogging. It turns out that he agreed with a friend to post daily, or donate to the Trumpster’s campaign as punishment. This explanation was swiftly followed by an invitation to write a post of my own before midnight kiwi-time, or face the same punishment.

And so, this blog post was born.

Title Explanation

Semi-Undercover: I don’t think he has told his friend I am joining in.

Third-Wheeling: This was a cute wee thing between two friends that I’ve managed to get myself invited to and now I’m never going to leave.

Looking Forward

Future topics may include anything from: the heart-warming stories of VR headsets relieving the suffering of children, to why lentils are underrated.

Stay tuned and stay classy.

Callum Herries and Fraser McIntosh are good at counting. I’m not so good at counting. This is #1.