I finished 24 novels in 2019 (slow reader) and gave up on another two. Here they are in descending buckets of goodness.

(† = short story collection, ‡ = novella, + = re-read, * = didn’t finish)

Anna Burns: Milkman (2018)
Elif Batuman: The Idiot (2017)
Mohsin Hamid: Exit West (2017)
Amos Oz…

In which I explore their similarities (while you remain skeptical)

Credit: StarLineArts/iStock/Getty Images Plus

You: You’re writing about computer code and poetry? At the same time?

Me: I want to explore their similarities.

You: Seriously? Computer code has nothing in common with poetry. Poetry is grace, and code is function. Poetry connotes. Code commands.

Me: But both try to represent complex ideas in concrete…

Angus Croll

Literature fanatic. JavaScript developer. Author of "If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript" https://anguscroll.com/hemingway

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