Come code with us

It’s the 3rd best job you’ll ever have

“More coders!” I said.


“We need more coders!” I said again. I slammed my fist on my desk and looked my co-founder Mikael dead in the eye. Mine twitched first. It does that a lot now.

“Nah, you two are doing fine,” he said.

I went over to his desk, feeling a breeze around my thighs because I hadn’t had time to put on pants that day. I scratched my scraggly beard, itchy because shaving is a luxury I said goodbye to several releases prior. I got down on one knee, “Please kind sir, grant me this wish.”

He kissed me tenderly on the forehead and walked away.

Begging is an unusual step for me but our dev team is overcooked. We need help. It’s starting to show in our work.

Most of our comments are sensible, we promise

There was a time, not long ago, that we saw our families. We had friends. We knew what month it was. Those times are long gone. Now the code is our only outlet.

As an energy-conscious company, we recycle code whenever we can

But perhaps the biggest hit has been to our version control.

So what’s the job? Give us a hand. Swoop in and save us from the impending psychosis.

Haven’t you always wanted to be a hero?

On the backside, we code in PHP with CakePHP. But if you go “woop!” to OOP and know the ABCs of MVC, I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

On the front, we use all the fresh goodies with ridiculous names - OOCSS, grunt, bootstrap, razmatazz, LESS, jigglebuddies. The list goes on.

You’ll get to work with whatever part of the stack makes your jigglebuddies tingle and, if you want, learn the others.

If you’re interested in joining Crew as our first sane coder, email with something that’ll grab our attention.

More details: